Ateliers pride themselves in making beautiful and premium decorated bottles and have their own factory situated in Gujarat, India which, utilises state of the art german machinery allowing for vivid colours and exclusive designs.

Ateliers also takes great care of the environment by using eco friendly processes and materials such as bio-organic inks, so that the bottles do not have any adverse effects on the environment.



Glassex India Private Limited

Glassex India Private Limited, established in 1992 by Mr. S. Roy Chaudhury, started dealing in glass containers for the liquor industry. Today it has evolved into a company which delivers a one‐stop solution point for both glass container industry and alco‐beverage industry alike.

Ateliers Glassex embodies the design spirit of Glassex and provides design & value addition solutions in glass container packaging. All efforts are to increase product value. Services for the glass bottle are comprehensive; from an inception of an idea, bottle design, mould engineering, printing, decoration, etc., right until the bottle becoming a reality.


We help our customers with their premium products. The decorated bottles from Ateliers are some of the best India has to offer. Additionally, Ateliers also has expertise in designing special shape glass bottles based on your creative needs.

Our automated printing needs special holders, fixtures, programming to run jobs. Even the bottles need to meet certain parameters strictly. As such, we have a range of stock bottles that our customer can choose from.

Yes. Currently, we cannot print on plastic or metal containers.

We can achieve very fine details as well as bold figures. Combination of spot colors are preferred. upto 5 colors can be accommodated. A good creative is very important though.

Usually 30,000 pcs to 50,000 pcs subject to artwork complexity and article size.

Currently 750ml, 375ml, 330ml (amber glass), 180ml and 90ml. 1000ml, 700ml, 350ml and 250ml in process.